​​Do you hold tension and stress in your back, neck and shoulders? Are your hips tight from sitting for long periods? General tightness from exercising? Tension headaches?

This 'roll and release' self-massage workshops specifically targets those hot-spot nooks and crannies of the body that get stiff over time - think the back, neck, shoulders and hips.


With many of us spending our days seated, and constantly using our smartphone (oh hey there text neck) the myofascia of our upper back, shoulders, neck and hips can become increasingly tight. This workshop is the perfect antidote to the modern lifestyle providing stretches and exercises that you will be able to replicate at home.

This all-levels delicious deep tissue Restore & Release class is designed to help you release every layer of your body, and open your heart and mind. The ball techniques will help you experience a renewed relationship with your body. Our focus is to release the fascial layer, a part of the soft connective tissue system, where much of our pain and tension is held. By releasing this layer of the body you invite a sense of deep relaxation to restore and rebalance your nervous system. Triggering your muscles should not be a painful but rather be a similar effect to having a deep tissue massage, helping to release knots that can build up inside the fascia.


Myofascia, pronounced "my o faashaa", is the dense tough tissue that surrounds and covers all your muscles and bones. Think if it like a webbing or a scaffolding of the body. When we stop moving, this tissue toughens and sticks together. The movement found in yoga is one way of preventing this stiffness developing but can only penetrate so deep. Adding therapy balls allows us to target part of our bodies that are naturally rigid and therefore difficult to reach in our yoga practice alone - it is in this combined approach that lasting release can occur!


Over 2 hours you will learn to use different therapy balls to release tension and adhesions in the back, head, neck, shoulders and hips.


$20 members, $40 non-members

Pre-bookings online are essential