🤰🏽 Yoga for Pregnancy First Trimester + Tips For a Safe Practice

Oh hey Mamas 🤰🏽 Welcome to yoga for pregnancy (prenatal yoga) in your first trimester 🍼👶🏽 As a mama to be also in the first trimester, I can tell you the first 3 months of pregnancy can be soooo taxing on the body - morning sickness, nausea, dizziness, extreme fatigue and all the feels to go with it. Let's be honest - you're creating a mini HUMAN BEING and that is AMAZING!! This practice is to honour the first trimester and support you as a mama by finding gentle movement and few calm breaths - because hey, this is what you and bub are in need of most. Find a quiet spot, tune in and give love to yourself and your little babe ❤️

Top Prenatal Yoga Tips

1. Pregnancy yoga is all about mindful movement. Avoid high-intensity yoga because of the physical demands during the first trimester and keep all movement within a healthy range of motion. Your body is already working hard enough right now and more susceptible to low blood pressure and low blood sugar. Take it easy mama.

2. Avoid laying on the front side of the body as this compresses the belly.

3. Avoid closed twists because of the pressure they put on the uterus and abdominal cavity. Open twists that focus on a twist from the thoracic (middle) spine and are okay and a great way to create space in the chest to counterpose the kyphosis-like posture that baby eight encourages.

4. Minimise backbends. Your abdominal muscles and front body ligaments are already starting to stretch and later will be at full capacity. Backbends can overstretch these warrior tissues that support you through these nine months and it can also encourage 'rectus diastasis' (abdominal separation and bulge).

5. Avoid abdominal work as we don’t want to contract the muscles that need to make space. This can also encourage rectus diastasis.

6. Avoid most inversions in the first trimester because it risks detachment of the egg from the lining and encourages circulation away from the uterus. If you're a mama that experiences low blood pressure, inversions can cause more dizziness.

7. Avoid holding your breath during any activity. You want baby to get all the oxygen it needs.

Disclaimer: This practice is not intended to replace or substitute professional medical recommendations, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your qualified healthcare provider with any questions or concerns you have regarding your medical condition before undertaking any program.

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