Why yoga teachers are in higher demand than ever in 2020!

In the wake of COVID-19, we are seeing a dramatic increase in cases of depression, anxiety, domestic violence, chronic stress and suicide across our beautiful nation. There has been little education in place or targeted assistance available to help us process and deal with the events of this year, or their ongoing effects. Online health and fitness services have boomed over the last six months in an effort to provide support during lockdown, but the need for boots on the ground (so to speak) is greater now than ever. You can help.

Mental Health Support: Demand is at an all-time high for health and wellbeing services, with more and more people turning to yoga, meditation and mindful movement as a way to preserve and improve their mental health. It isn’t just a trend – it’s a cultural shift. If you have felt helpless all year and are seeking a way to make a difference, now is the perfect time to get qualified in a field that offers aid to the people around you, in a way that is practical, tangible and readily accessible.

Stress Management: Western science is finally catching up to what Eastern philosophies have known for years – stress makes us sick. We’ll say it louder for the people in the back. STRESS MAKES US SICK. It’s a pandemic of its own, now called ‘The Black Plague of the 21st Century’. Fortunately for us, yoga can (and does) help. Studies upon studies continue to confirm that yes, yoga and meditation significantly reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. Medical journals are recognising yoga as a complementary medicine, and healthcare professionals are even prescribing it to patients as a way to manage stress and better cope with the demands of life. We are seeing yoga pop up in gyms, fitness studios, health clinics, wellness centres, rehab facilities… Whether it’s a complementary tool or standalone solution, the demand for yoga is there – and it’s increasing.

The Search for Meaning: Our ability to make sense of negative events in our lives largely influences our capacity to overcome them. There is no doubt that we have experienced a collective trauma this year. Many of us are still in it. But philosophical texts, scientific theories and psychological studies all demonstrate that when we can find meaning in a traumatic experience, we are better able to adjust to adversity. This is where we can turn to yoga. The study of yoga philosophy gives us much needed perspective about our place in the world, why we are here and what the point is of this thing we call life. We learn to find lessons and opportunities for growth in each negative experience we have, building resilience, strength and compassion as we go. Even if you aren’t drawn to the path of teaching yoga classes exactly, yoga teacher training is an incredible path to personal development for anyone feeling disconnected or lost.

It's not too late to create something amazing and positive out of 2020! Enrolments are closing very soon for our 20 Day 200hour Yoga Teacher Training, beginning on 29th November 2020. There are just two spots left for any of you bold + beautiful souls wanting to end this year on a high, and move into the new year with a fresh perspective, a deeper connection to yourself, and the tools to pursue a nourishing and fulfilling wellness career!

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Email hello@yogaventures.com.au if you have any questions, and our lovely team will be happy to help you out!




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