Top 5 Tips for Booking Your First Yoga Retreat

Thinking about embarking on your very first yoga retreat? Kudos to you! Travelling by yourself, going on a yoga retreat or doing anything for the first time really... it can be scary! It can bring up a lot of fear, hesitation and doubt. But if there's still something telling you it's for you, then our guess is that you're on the right track! Here are our top 5 tips to help you get started and find the perfect yoga retreat experience.

1. Location, Location, Location

There are no shortage of yoga retreats offered all over the world. Choosing the right location is a delicate balance of a place you resonate with vs an unknown location where you can step outside your comfort zone. If you're a person who loves nature, sunshine and salty sea breeze, then opt for a location by the ocean like Bali. 

2. Research the Yoga Teacher

Yoga retreats include lots of yoga (go figure). It's likely you'll be taking minimum 2 classes per day with the lead yoga teacher. You'll be spending a lot of time together! It's critical to research the yoga teacher and get a feel for his/her teachings. Check them out on social media, read reviews, ask around and attend one of their classes if you can. You'll want this experience to be with someone who you vibe with, can get real with and learn a lot from.

3. Look Into What Type of Yoga to Expect

There are SO many different types of yoga available nowadays. Vinyasa, hatha, hot yoga, power, kundalini, yin, restorative, alignment based. It gets pretty confusing! Do some research and ask what style of yoga you can expect from your retreat. We suggest looking for a yoga retreat that teaches both mellow classes (yin or restorative) and more energetic ones (vinyasa or hatha) so you gain the benefits of both. Also important to check in with what level of yoga experience your retreat expects from it's participants. You don't want to attend an advanced yoga retreat when you are a beginner and vice versa.

4. Be Picky

Take time to find the right retreat for you. Instead of choosing the least expensive trip or the only one that fits your schedule, be patient and save for the right retreat that's special to you. It should offer everything you need and be a meaningful experience you'll remember for years. Sometimes that's worth way more!

5. Go Solo

Thinking about going on a solo trip? We say yes! Because being out of your comfort zone is where the real magic happens! It also puts you the position to meet new people and forge lifetime friendships. If you are coming with a friend or partner, be sure to fit in solo time and the opportunity to connect with others. Your awesomeness should be shared with the world! Sprinkle that good sh*t around like confetti.

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