Online Yoga for Anxiety 80-min Workshop - release tension, calm the mind, balance the nervous system

Yogaventures has shared hundreds of successful Yoga for Anxiety Workshops all over the globe from Sydney Australia to Paris France to Singapore. We wanted to create an online condensed version of this workshop to practice anytime, anywhere | https://www.yogaventures.co


Feeling stressed, anxious or overwhelmed? You're not alone. Chronic stress and anxiety are conditions that afflict more of us than ever before. Anxiety is the most prevalent mental health issue in Australia and many other countries. Over time, chronic stress and anxiety can wreak havoc on our minds and bodies, leaving us tense and at risk of chronic illness. Fortunately, there is yoga. There's now a growing body of research to support practising yoga poses, mindfulness, and breathing techniques as the most effective tools to regulate the stress response and rebalance the nervous system.

This 80-minute stress-to-bliss practice will take you on a journey to explore yoga as a powerful tool to find the breath, balance the nervous system, calm the mind and self regulate. All levels and experience welcome. Suitable for absolute beginners.

Recommended Props

Yoga props are not necessary for this practice and you can absolutely practice along without them. However, they are recommended as props offer us a little more support in our practice. We recommended you have a bolster (or 2-3 pillows), eye pillow (or face cloth), foam ball (or tennis ball), blanket (or towel), block (or thick book). These props are recommended but not essential. You can absolutely still practice without them.

What To Expect

  • Theory around anxiety and the nervous system

  • Breathing techniques

  • Mindfulness to help rewire the mind

  • Restorative yoga to release tension and drop into the body

  • Guided relaxation to calm the mind

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Practice here via our Online Studio or YouTube.

📿 Yoga Teacher: @emmaceolin

🎥 Cinematographer: @guillaumecornetfilms

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