Who would have thought what's going on in our stomach could influence what's going on in our head? Or that over 90% of our Serotonin (also known as the 'happiness hormone') is produced in our belly! With a growing body of evidence suggesting that anxiety is less of a chemical imbalance in the brain, and more a chemical imbalance in the gut, it’s important to know and understand these mind-gut connections to live a happy, healthy life. Join experienced ERYT®500 yoga teacher and qualified holistic nutritionist, Leanne Gerich, in this Food-Mood workshop. We'll explore modern scientific understandings of the gut-brain connection, how the gut affects our mental health and nutritional strategies to help stress and anxiety. Expect science-based lectures, connecting with others in a supportive space, Q&A session on an anxiety-friendly diet, mindful eating practices and yummy gut-promoting yoga. All levels and experience welcome. Suitable for absolute beginners.

Lecture and discussion with a qualified nutritionist to explore just how particular foods can affect us mentally.




Leanne’s healthy gut workshop was informative while also being relaxed. Nutritionist Leanne has in-depth knowledge of how to improve gut health and how the microbiome is connected to mental health. Leanne’s presentation and Q&A were followed by a yin session focused on twists and aiding digestion. I left with several easy tips on how to take better care of my bacterial buddies.



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