Mamas (and Papas), drop the kids off at kids yoga while you spend an hour on your own self-care and practice yoga across the hall without distraction. As for the kids — they'll have a ball with yoga games, singing and dancing, arts and crafts. Each class is designed to allow kids the opportunity to explore their inner creativity whilst learning relaxation and self-calming techniques. Good for the kids and good for you.



Suitable for children aged 3 to 12 years.


Saturdays 9:30am - 10:30am



Non-Members $12 per child; Members $6 per child

Arrival and Departure

Please ensure that parents and children arrive between 5-15 minutes prior to class. On arrival parents are required to check both themselves and their child in for yoga class. In order for kids to attend yoga, parents are also required to attend a yoga class at the same time. Children are unable to leave with any other parent/guardian other than the parent who booked, dropped off child and attended yoga.


What To Bring

Please bring water and a change of clothes/nappies if necessary.


Good To Know

We do not offer child minding outside of our regular Kids Yoga classes. Please be mindful that children are not permitted to wait in the studio while parents attend regular yoga classes due to safety and legal issues.


Hosted at our stunning light-filled, airy haven in the heart of Coolangatta. Expect a space that is welcoming, open, and thoughtfully designed to create the most beautiful, sensory experience for your session.


Pre-bookings before you arrive at the studio are 100% essential as spots are limited and classes book out. Please do not show up at the studio without a booking. To book your child in for a class you must first create an account for your child. See below instructions.

Step 1: Create an account for your child

  1. Go to Yogaventures MINDBODY site and log in (the MindBody app does not have this functionality)

  2. Click on the My Info tab

  3. Click Add Family Member

  4. Enter the child's name

  5. Select the relationship Child of: [your name]

  6. Choose Yes beside "Paid for by [your name]." This is necessary for the booking to work properly.

  7. Enter an email address (can be the child's or parent's)

  8. Click Save

Step 2: Book a class for your child 

  1. Go to Yogaventures MINDBODY site and log in (the MindBody app does not have this functionality)

  2. Click on the Classes tab

  3. Click the Sign Up button for the appropriate class

  4. Click the Make a single reservation - [name of your child] button.

  5. If required, purchase the appropriate pass.