Fam, it's been a FUNKing hard year. Looking out for our mental health and each other has become more important than ever. A space to share, breathe and a community that cares, loves and laughs, sure makes things a little easier.

When the funk has you feeling down, join Yogaventures Founder, Emma Ceolin, for this FREE class by dressing up in your brightest outfit, swapping stories and doing yoga. We start each class by casually and openly sharing about mental health in a supportive, non-judgmental space and then get things moving with an all-levels yoga flow to free the funk!

This FREE class is our way to check in with each other, keep our community healthy and happy, and raise awareness for mental health. Come with an open-mind, an open-heart and let’s move through this together. A great way to chat about your worries, connect and make new friends.

Spots are limited so be sure to pre-book online via Mindbody. Everyone is welcome from all backgrounds, walks of life and yoga experience.