If you're brand new to this yoga thing, stepping on to the mat for the first time can be a daunting place. This is where we come in. Our true passion lies in beginner-friendly, accessible yoga and preaching to the 'non-converted' if you will. 

We embrace all levels of fitness, body shapes and ages and take beautiful care of our clients. We love pregnant women and new mums and can cater to your needs. We cultivate an environment of self-love and acceptance so please don’t be shy to join us.​


We've compiled everything you need to know in one place to make your first yoga experience as enjoyable as possible. No matter which of our classes you’re starting with, you’ll be taken very good care of, no matter what.





First time with Yogaventures? Enjoy 21days of unlimited yoga classes with the one upfront payment. This is your chance to explore all our signature classes we have on offer, find which teachers you vibe with, and discover what makes your heart sing and soul dance. We specialise in beginner yoga so know you are in good hands. For more info check out First Timers.




Join our beautiful community before your 21 day Intro Offer ends. Enjoy a week-to-week subscription for unlimited classes,​ exclusive member benefits and ongoing support. Best option for those attending twice a week or more. Auto-debited fortnightly with flexible terms so you can cancel anytime after 8 weeks. Learn more via Membership Program.




For the holidaying yogi's who are just passing through this beautiful corner of the world. Recharge, replenish and rebalance. Experience our light and airy studio in between ocean dips while you're on holidays - oh and as much yoga as you like. This pass is a once-off payment for 7 days of unlimited yoga classes while you're travelling.


How To Book

Whether you're a First Timer or a part of our Membership Program, booking online before you arrive is essential. Booking online makes showing up to class an easy and seamless process, secures your spot and allows for a little extra chill time. Book Here.

What's The Best Class To Start With

We recommend new clients to start with a 'Basics' class. This is a foundational class that takes it back to basics for all levels including first timers, older bodies, curvy bodies, and mamas-to-be. Be guided through a supportive, uncomplicated practice incorporating mostly stretchy seated postures with a focus on safe alignment, instruction and simple principals to build confidence and familiarity, whilst the more experienced students can refine the fundamentals of their alignment.In this class, we dial it way back for a slower pace to allow for questions and clear explanations of how and why we do this yoga thing.

Is it okay if I've never done yoga before

Yes, absolutely! Every class is inclusive and will offer variations for those stepping onto the mat for the first time. Our Yin Yoga classes are a great place to start. We also offer a 6 Week Beginners Course to broaden your yoga knowledge and create longevity and safety in the practice. Please let the teacher know you are new to yoga and always practice at your own pace. If you have any questions please feel free to pop in to the studio, give us a call, or shoot through an email. 

Does it matter if I can't touch my toes?

We give all students 2 weeks to be able to do this before kicking you out (just kidding!). It's absolutely not necessary to be able to touch your toes and super important to remember that yoga isn't about that at all. We're more concerned with how yoga leaves you feeling rather than coming into a perfect pose. So if you can simply lay on a mat, you're part of our community.

What's the class cancellation and non-attendance policy?

Our Class Cancellation and Non-Attendance Policy is in place to ensure everyone has a chance to attend class. Nobody likes fees, however we feel this is only fair our classes can be fully booked and sometimes students miss out. If you have booked to attend a class and wish to cancel your attendance, you must process a cancellation through the Online Booking System. We will not accept cancellations by phone, email, social media or any other method other than by using the Online Booking System. If a Student cancels their class within (1) hour prior to the start (Late Cancel) or if Student is a No-Show, the following will take place: For Memberships, if you process two or more Late Cancel's or do not attend a class which your attendance is booked in two or more instances within a one (1) month period, we will apply a $10 penalty to your Membership account. Once you incur any penalty, your entitlement to book and attend any Classes is suspended until the penalty has been paid in full. For Class Passes, if you fail to attend a Class which your attendance is booked or Late Cancel at any time that Class will be forfeited and deducted from the number of Classes you are permitted to attend. For more information, please see Terms and Conditions.

Where To Find Us

We are located in the heart of Coolangatta at 1/40 Griffith St Coolangatta. Park outfront in Griffith St or at the back in Chalk Street, then walk through the building and up the stairs to level 1. Learn more About Us.

When To Arrive

If it's your first time, please arrive15 minutes before class so you can settle in. We’ll help you check in at reception, get your equipment set up and give you a run down of how everything works. This is the time to chat to your instructor if you have any questions or injuries.

What If I'm Late for Class

Unfortunately we don't allow late entries for due to health, safety, security and as a courtesy to other students. We don't permit students to walk into the class late as missing the warm up can increase the risk of injury and disrupt other students. When our classes starts, the front door will be locked to protect all student belongings. We know life just kinda happens some days out of our control, so we recommend arriving 15 minutes prior to avoid being late for class. 

What To Bring

Just your beautiful self. We provide all mats and equipment. You might like to bring a reusable water bottle or towel.

What To Wear

Something comfortable that you can move in. This could be loose-fitted, tight-fitted, long, or short. If you are attending an active class, we recommend wearing something that you would wear on a jog on a warn day. If you are attending a slower paced classes, we recommend something loose-fitting, breathable and with a few more layers incase it gets cool. 

Class Cancellations

If life gets in the way and cancellation is a must, please do so at least three (3) hours before your allocated class. A fee will incur within the three (3) hour window, or if you simply do not attend.

Your Teacher

If you have a special circumstance, injury or ailment please let the instructor know before class begins. Even if you've let them know before, it's best to let them know how you're travelling on that particular day so they can offer you the most supportive environment possible.

Studio Etiquette

​​No phones in the yoga room. Please ensure your phone is left in reception area and is either off or on silent with no vibration. Please do not bring your phone onto the mat with you. Allow your self this time to digitally detox.

Mobile Phones

We believe in disconnecting to reconnect. We ask that you keep all phonesoutside of the room on silent. Please ask at reception for a phone charger if you require one.

  • Please refrain from eating one to two hours before the class starts. A full belly can be quite uncomfortable especially with twists. If you must snack, we recommend something light.

  • Yogaventures offer luxuriously high-quality, moisture-wicking, eco-friendly and uniquely made Mndfl Mats for hire for $1. Mat hire is complimentary for members.

  • Yogaventures will provide you with quality bolsters, blocks, straps and blankets for complimentary use during your class.

  • It’s likely you’ll perspire during class so please bring a towel or rent one from us for $2 at reception.

  • Please bring a reusable water bottle. We have filtered water available.



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