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First of all, we want to say a warm welcome and give you a big hug! We know it can be a little intimidating (let's be real, a LOT intimidating) rocking up to a studio to try yoga for the first time.  Even if you have been to a few classes before, trying out a new space is nerve-wracking! Rest assured, we absolutely love welcoming beginners into our yoga family, and are excited to educate, support and encourage you as you move and groove your way to feeling confident and calm - both on and off the mat! 


Every single body is different, and in fact, your own body is different every single day.  Yoga is about what feels good, not what looks good, so take it slow and be gentle with yourself. This is not a competitive activity, but rather one of nurturing and nourishment.  


We have created a safe space for exploration and empowerment, free from comparison, criticism or judgement of any kind.  Every one of our students is here simply to move their bodies, nourish their minds and feel GOOD.  So if you are worried about looking silly, feeling inflexible or not being able to do all the poses - don't be!  We don't care, so neither should you!  If you want to lay on a bolster and have an hour-long nap, go for it.  The very fact you listened to your body and recognised that it needed that is what yoga is all about.

Our other key piece of advice is variety.  We highly recommend trying different classes and also practicing with different teachers!  Different styles of yoga speak to different people.  Some love a sweaty, fiery flow, while others just want to relax and unwind.  Similarly, different teachers and teaching styles will resonate with different people.  Try it all, and we guarantee you will find something that your soul responds to.



While our teaching team are fantastic at catering to all levels within their classes, we recommend that new yogis start with these three class styles: Stretch, Chill and Flow + Chill. You can learn more about our class styles, or book now!


We have heaps of info available to make your first experience in the studio as smooth, seamless and streamlined as possible.  If you're like us, and need to know everything about a place before you show up there, we got you.  

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  • For a list of Frequently Asked Questions, click here

Any other questions, queries or concerns, please don't hestitate to email us, so our lovely team can help you out.  We are so excited to meet you and support the start of your yoga journey!