Can I get a refund?

In an effort to maintain a sustainable business, for participants who wish to cancel we do not offer refunds whether this is due to illness, injury or any other reason. For more information view full Terms and Conditions.

Who is this workshop for?

This workshop is for suitable for absolute beginners and is also for older bodies, injured bodies, sore bodies, tired bodies, pregnant bodies. However, please keep in mind this workshop is not individually tailored for special needs, pregnancies, certain physical injuries, certain bodily pain. If you have a certain injury, illness, ailment, allergy or sensitivity, you should consider if this workshop is right for you and consult with your physician before commencing. If you have any queries please contact hello@yogaventures.co to discuss further.

I'm travelling to attend this workshop, should I purchase travel insurance?

Yes! We highly recommend travel insurance on the rare occasion that you need to make a claim and be reimbursed based on changes, cancellation, medical or travel complications that can occur. If you have any queries please contact hello@yogaventures.co to discuss further.

Are essential oils used in this workshop?

Essential oils are used in this workshop as they are a powerful tool for calming the mind and often a big part of practice for some students. If you have any specific sensitivities or allergies to essential oils please consider if this workshop is for you. If you have any queries please contact hello@yogaventures.co to discuss further.

Is there an age limit?

As this workshop does include quite a bit of theory, it's suggested that all participants be at least 13 years or older. If you are under the age of 18 years a parent/guardian must attend with you. If you have any queries please contact hello@yogaventures.co to discuss further.

When should I book?

We encourage you to book early to avoid disappointment. For a bespoke experience and meaningful size, we limit groups to no more than 20 participants and workshops sell out early. If you have any queries please contact hello@yogaventures.co to discuss further.

Can I transfer to a different event?

Prior to any event, participants can self-transfer to a different event by following these instructions. There is a $10 fee to transfer to a different event. For more information view full Terms and Conditions.

Does this workshop contribute towards YACEP?

If you're a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) with Yoga Alliance then this workshop may contribute towards Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Requirements (YACER) as the teacher is a qualified Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider (YACEP). If you have any queries please contact hello@yogaventures.co to discuss further.




We are passionate and committed to keeping our community happy and healthy during this challenging and uncertain time. Due to the unfolding COVID19 pandemic, we’ve taken active steps to implement a COVID Safe Studio Plan to protect our students, staff, business and planet so that we can continue to share these beautiful experiences with our loving community. We hope you continue to enjoy our beautiful classes and self-care techniques to support your health. Please look after yourselves, each other and let's move through this together.

COVID Safe Studio Plan

About The Yogaventures COVID Safe Studio Plan

Keeping our community healthy is our top priority. Below you'll find our COVID Safe Studio Plan. We'll be sharing this information with our community via studio signage, email, website and social media. Our plan entails:

  1. Mandatory hand washing and/or alcohol-based sanitising upon arrival.
  2. A re-designed studio layout to comply with 1.5m distancing
  3. Floor marking in the studio to identify 1.5 metres distance
  4. Class numbers limited to comply with 1.5m distancing
  5. Only students with bookings permitted to enter the studio to comply with 1.5m distancing
  6. Limited use of props and students encouraged to BYO props. Any props used require disinfectant wipe down both before and after use.
  7. Staggering of at least thirty (30) minutes between classes to allow sufficient time for props to be wiped down before the next class and to ensure no overlap of students leaving and arriving.
  8. No hands-on adjustments by teachers.
  9. Clean towels are recommended for each session to lay on hire mats or bolsters.
  10. Tissues must be used with eye pillows.
  11. Before class, students who arrive more than 15 mins before start time, will be asked to wait outside the studio. After class, students will be asked to leave immediately.
  12. Teachers, staff and students asked to stay home and rest if feeling unwell
  13. No cash payments. Pre-booking online prior to class mandatory.
  14. We now have a RoboRock (robot vacuum) vacuuming and mopping with hospital grade disinfectant after every class.
  15. We now have a professional cleaner deep cleaning the studio regularly.
  16. Regularly cleaning and disinfecting high-traffic areas.
  17. Diffusing pure tea tree oil when in studio (tee tree has natural antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, and anti-fungal properties)
  18. Enforcing mandatory record keeping requirements for tracking and tracing purposes (student phone, email and address.
  19. If students wish to have hot tea, kettle handle must be disinfected before and after use.
  20. All staff briefed on COVID Safe Studio Plan, required to sign COVID Safe Agreement and required to fill out COVID log book after every class.
  21. All Yogaventures staff and students are required to comply with the Yogaventures COVID Safe Studio Plan. A sanctioning policy for those who breach social distancing or hygiene protocols will be enforced. For students, any non-compliance will result in immediate removal from our studio and entitlement to book and attend any classes will be suspended/terminated. For staff, any non-compliance will result in immediate removal from our studio and suspension/termination.
  22. We'll be regularly monitoring and reviewing the implementation of hygiene measures to ensure they are being followed and remain effective. If there are any identified risks, further changes and policies may be implemented.


Can I practice online?

It's never been so important to stay connected, healthy and positive. This is why we launched our passion project - Yogaventures Online Studio so our community can continue to practice with us online. The response we've received has been phenomenal and we want to continue to offer this online option so those who prefer to practice from home do just that.

Are class sizes limited?

Our class sizes are currently limited so there is 1 person per 4sqm.

Are bookings essential?

Pre-class bookings online via MindBody are 100% essential before arriving at the studio. Currently our class sizes are limited and often book out. Please keep in mind that only staff and students with bookings are permitted to enter the studio during this time. You can pre-book for classes online through Mindbody Website or Mindbody App.

How can I support small businesses?

We have been so overwhelmed with the support from our community during this time who wish to keep their membership running in an effort to stimulate our local economy. Like many small businesses, we pay our bills month to month, have staff that rely on us for income, and have now been adversely affected by this pandemic. During this time, if you can, we ask that you support any small business you can. If we choose to not support local cafes, local stores and local yoga studios, there's a very real chance that the ones we love and adore may not be there after this pandemic passes.

How can I stay updated?

Staying in the loop is paramount during this time. We are closely monitoring, staying informed and following QLD Government and healthcare recommendations. It's a complex and unprecedented situation so we expect information and regulations to change and will let you know via this page as they do. We'll continue to post updates via this page so please continue to check back. You can also stay updated via below.

Can I get a refund?

As a small business doing our best to remain sustainable, we are unable to offer refunds outside our regular Terms and Conditions. However, we are able to offer membership suspensions. To apply for a membership suspension please fill out a Membership Suspension Request Form.