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We created our Yogaventures Ambassador Program to connect with like-minded awesome humans who genuinely share our deep passion for yoga and wellbeing. Our program runs over a 3 month period and is built on authentic connections, therefore we don’t arrange paid partnerships, but we love to collaborate with ambassador energy exchanges.

Why Do The Ambassador Program

  • Our beautiful Ambassador Program runs over a 3 month period (spots are limited)

  • We offer our Ambassadors a 3 month Ambassador Membership which allows unlimited access to our signature yoga classes, unlimited yoga courses and unlimited yoga workshops (valued $1200)

  • Gifted with a Mndfl Mats Eco-Luxe Yoga Mat (valued $129)

  • Receive ongoing love + support throughout your yoga journey

  • Have the freedom to authentically speak up about Yogaventures outside of contractual obligations

  • Call our beautiful, light-filled yoga studio home

  • Complimentary monthly buddy passes to bring a mate for free every month 

  • At the end of 3 months, you'll be so zen your friends won't recognise you

What We're Looking For

  • Have an influence on social media (10k+ on Instagram required)

  • Based locally in Coolangatta or greater Gold Coast QLD

  • You don't have to be able to touch your toes, however a genuine love for yoga and wellbeing for themselves and our greater community is required

  • Humans who exude the Yogaventures eco-wellness brand

  • Willing to share share their yoga experience - the ups and the downs